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See the Attached Resolution from the 9/24 council meeting agenda for more details:

Resolution 18-08 Approving Trash Collection Plan and Authorizing Contract. – Motion was made by Chad Neitzel seconded by Sarah Sundve to adopt Resolution 18-08 Approving collection plan and Authorizing contract. Carried (5 yes, 0 no)


Please see the attached contract for details, basically each household will be getting 1 trash container (beginning in March) and 1 recycling container (beginning in Dec. and paid by the City general fund) delivered to their home when the program takes effect. The bill for the garbage will be added to our monthly Utility Bill along with the water/sewer.

The final cost per household was decided upon by the council and will be $19 per month

This transition from your current carrier to the City Trash Program will go into effect some time  in March. Your trash service will end your billing at that time and your bill will be on your city water/sewer bill.


Please call the City Hall with any constructive comments or questions. Thank you!